Dev Kit Weekly: The 2020 Devvy Awards

January 18, 2021


I know you thought 2020 was behind you, but we’ve got one last item to address before putting that nightmare of a year to bed forever. Don’t worry, it’ll be fun.

Welcome to this week’s Dev Kit Weekly, where this week, we’ll be giving out the 2020 Devvies.

We won’t be “giving out” any awards because we already did! The Devvies is really a chance for us to look back on some of the coolest kits we reviewed over the past year and, more importantly, see what you all in the community are doing with them.

We took another look at six different kits that include:

  1. The Microchip AVR-BLE Development Board
  2. The Cypress Semiconductor CY8CKIT-059 PSoC 5LP Prototyping Kit
  3. Maxim Integrated's MAX32630 Feather Application Board
  4. The Microchip Hello FPGA Kit
  5. The Digi XBee 3 Cellular Smart Modem, an LTE-M and NB-IoT Kit
  6. Infineon’s XENSIV Sensors IoT Development Kit

Our remembrance of these six kits wraps-up Dev Kit Weekly for the crazy year that 2020 was!

We’re excited to see what 2021’s winners have in store for us, so thanks for watching, be sure to subscribe, and enter the raffle next week on Dev Kit Weekly.