Filament Introduces New Blocklet Foundation Kit for IoT Developers

April 09, 2019


Filament Introduces New Blocklet Foundation Kit for IoT Developers

Blockchain development kit designed for embedded and hardware IoT developers demonstrates secure transactions at the edge of the internet of things.

Reno, NV. Filament announced the launch of the new Blocklet Foundation Kit designed for embedded and hardware developers focused on the IoT. 

The blockchain development kit: 

  • provides hands-on experience
  • allows users to generate IoT blockchain transactions on-device
  • demonstrates smart contract functionality

The Blocklet Foundation Kit’s hardware, software and resources can be used online or offline. It demonstrates attestation-driven smart contracts and machine-to-machine transactions.

The Blocklet Foundation Kit’s key components include:

  • a tablet computer equipped with tools, applications and example scripts that allow an embedded developer to quickly experiment with Blocklet
  • IoT device with an integrated, interactive user interface that demonstrates how Blocklet provides an identity for legacy infrastructure components
  • Blocklet USB Enclaves that bring Blocklet’s features to existing hardware
  • a lightweight, prewired IoT breadboard that includes a Blocklet UART module and ESP32 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth microcontroller, which provides a functional example of Blocklet operating in an embedded environment
  • ethereum support and a robust embedded Software Development Kit

“We are the only company to provide embedded technology for blockchain transactions starting with the origination of data, at the edge,” said Filament’s EVP, Frank Friesacher. “This new kit gives embedded developers hands-on experience to evaluate and demonstrate how IoT devices and sensors at the edge can integrate and securely transact in a blockchain without incurring the infrastructure overhead typically found in today’s IoT and blockchain deployments. With the increasing interest in enterprise blockchain solutions, we created this as a clear pathway to proof of concept and pilot projects that lay the foundation for successful production deployments.”

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