Knowles Releases Smart Home Voice Control Dev Kit

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 02, 2021


Knowles has launched a far-field speech recognition and voice-activated control development kit for smart appliances, the AISonic White Goods Standard Solution.

Based on the AISonic Audio Edge Processor IA8201, the kit includes AFE algorithms certified for use with Amazon Alexa and other voice assistant APIs.

The development kit consists of the IA8201 reference board with high SNR Knowles microphones, system firmware, and an API that enables integration of third-party processors. The small footprint wake word engine, provided by Sensory, enables voice recognition in memory constrained devices.

Multiple voice assistants can be supported by a single kit thanks to voice service interoperability features.

The AISonic White Goods Standard Solution development kit is available now. Modules that allow the White Goods Standard Solution to be adapted to legacy appliance controllers are also available from various suppliers.

The Knowles White Goods Standard Solution is used in the Samsung FamilyHub for smart appliances.

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