Alpha Data: ADM-PA120

January 30, 2024


Image Credit: Alpha Data

Product Description:

The ADM-PA120 is an adaptable Data Processing Unit suitable for high-performance network-attached acceleration. ADM-PA120 is a PCIe form factor plug-in card, based on the AMD Versal™️ Premium Adaptive SoC - VP1202/VP1502.


  • AMD Versal™️ Premium Adaptive SoC (VP1202/VP1502)
  • 3x QSFP-DD High-speed each x8 serial links (28Gbps NRZ / 56Gbps PAM4)
  • 4x Timing I/O (incl. 1PPS)
  • Front Panel GigE Interface
  • System Monitor
  • Heatsink with optional fan

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