RAKwireless releases 14 new WisBlock Modules

By Chad Cox

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

July 20, 2021


Photo Courtesy of RAKwireless

WisBlock's modular setup can be utilized for building IoT projects from scratch or supplementing existing IoT solutions

The 14 new WisBlock modules are outlined below:

  1. RAK12002 RTC Module: Using the accurate RV-3028-C7 RTC chip from Micro Crystal and its power backup, this module keeps counting the seconds even if you unplug the USB cable and remove the battery from your WisBlock solution. You can create LPWAN packets that have a time-stamp or use the RTC to wake up your solution at specific times every day.
  2. RAK19005 Sensor Extension Cable: The RAK19005 flexible sensor extension cable helps you apply modules, like the RAK1903 ambient light sensor, after mounting your WisBlock solution into an enclosure. One side fits into Slot A, B, C, or D of the WisBlock Baseboard. The other side connects to any of RAK's (10x10mm) modules with a 24-pin connector.
  3. RAK15002 SD Card Module: This module, which is compatible with standard micro-SD cards, can add up to 256GB of removable storage capacity to your WisBlock solution. 
  4. RAK12004 MQ2 Gas Sensor: The MQ2 sensor-based RAK12004 enables users to build a gas and smoke detecter and can detect propane and other gas concentrations in the air. The WisBlock Core module can report the levels over LPWAN, BLE, or WiFi to keep you aware of any potential risks.
  5. RAK12005 Rain Sensor: With the RAK12005 rain sensor, you can send yourself a message when the weather turns to rain. The RAK12005 WisBlock module has a RAK12030 sensor board that connects to your WisBlock with a long cable so it doesn't get wet.
  6. RAK14001 RGB LED Module: Endless color combinations can be created with the RAK14001 RGB module. It also allows for you to combine it with our RAK18000 stereo microphone, and control the lights based on the ambient music.
  7. RAK13003 IO Expansion Module: Add 16 additional digital IO's to your module portfolio. Each IO can be configured independently as input or output, and you can set up an interrupt to get alerted if an input changes its status. The IOs are easily accessed with the pin-headers which are using 2.54mm pitch.
  8. RAK13001 Relay IO Module: This module is able to handle peripheral components that are not compatible with the 3.3V power supply system of the WisBlock products with the RAK13001. The relay can switch external power up to 110V safely, while the opto-coupled input on the module allows you to read signals up to 24V DC.
  9. RAK13004 PWM Expansion Module: Some of the GPIOs on the WisBlock Core modules already support PWM, but sometimes you need more than that. Use the RAK13004 module and control up to 16 LEDs individually with PWM signals. You can use the PWM outputs as well for other purposes supporting up to 10mA per output.
  10. RAK13002 IO Module: The RAK13002 gives access to all WisBlock GPIOs, I2C/SPI buses, and the two UART ports on four rows of pin headers. 
  11. RAK19006 Wireless Charger: Recharge the battery of your WisBlock solution without opening the IP64 watertight enclosure with the RAK19006 Wireless Charger module. 
  12. RAK14002 3-channel Touchpad Module: The RAK14002 3-channel touchpad supports three individual capacitive buttons, detect if the finger is sliding left or right over all buttons, and detect long-press events where you define the time the user has to keep their finger on a button.
  13. RAK17000 Motor Control Module: The RAK17000 motor control module can control one stepper motor or two DC motors. It offers an external supply of up to 12V to power the motors, while the 3.3V part of the WisBlock controls is.
  14. RAK13005 LIN module: The LIN bus system is a communication system that is used in vehicles and industrial environments. It is based on a single controlling end device with multiple sensors and actuators concept and supports speeds up to 20 kbit/s.

Learn more about WisBlock at https://www.rakwireless.com/wisblock-week.

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