Here Comes Slint 1.0

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 03, 2023


Here Comes Slint 1.0
Image Credit: Slint

SixtyFPS GmbH is releasing version 1.0 of Slint, a complete toolkit enabling the development of native user interfaces within desktops and embedded environments leveraging Rust. The group of over 50 contributors designed Slint 1.0 for scalability, customization, and cross compatibility. For the purpose of assisting in the simplification of designing UIs, Slint has streamlined the approach using declarative programming.

We all want instant gratification, and with Slint’s live preview, real-time progress shows immediate feedback. Tooling support includes code completion, navigation, refactoring, and syntax highlighting.


  • Declarative code using easy to read, write, and learn syntax allowing for a better way to describe the various graphical elements.
  • The Slint compiler optimizes and translates the UI description to native code,
  • Business logic, which you can write in any language, is connected with the UI using the language specific APIs provided by Slint.

Supported OS and Processor Architectures:

  • Linux (desktop and embedded), macOS, Windows, WebAssembly, Blackberry QNX, and even bare metal (without any OS).
  • ARM Cortex-M and Cortex-A, Intel x86, RISC-V, Cadence Tensilica, and more.
  • Software rendering or hardware-accelerated graphics APIs, such as OpenGL ES.

Slint is a good fit for building desktop applications for Windows, macOS, and Linux, and we're working on features that will provide an even better, seamless look and feel.

UIs created with Slint supports systems with less than 300 kB of RAM, such as the Raspberry Pi RP2040, making it ideal for the development of graphical applications in the embedded industry.

Printer Demo on a RP2040 with 264KB of RAM

Currently, the logic is not just for Rust, it also can also provide APIs for C++ and JavaScript.

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