Mouser New Product of the Week: Harwin Archer .5 Board-to-Board Connectors

April 10, 2023

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Mouser New Product of the Week: Harwin Archer .5 Board-to-Board Connectors

Achieving efficient data transfer speeds across applications such as connected IoT devices, sensor modules, compact control and monitoring equipment, and camera and LiDAR units often requires the use of low profile, high density mezzanine connectors.

Typically designed for compact, lightweight use cases, connectors like the Archer .5 Board-to-Board Connectors from Harwin possess 100V DC/AC peak voltage capacity, -1.2db insertion loss and -15dB return loss at 8GHz, and 1.0N maximum insertion force over phosphor bronze contacts situated in a 40% glass-filled thermoplastic housing.

The mezzanine connectors exhibit an impedance range of 73.5Ω to 99.3Ω when operating at 35 ps, run at operating temperatures of -55°C to 85°C, feature a board-to-board stack height of 8mm, and are available in 30, 40, 80, and 100 pin count options with a small pitch. The connector contacts have a 0.5mm pitch and are organized in a double-row layout, with a maximum current-carrying capacity of 0.5A per contact.

Each contact comes with a maximum 60mΩ pre-conditioned and 80mΩ post-conditioned resistance rating, and features a 1000MΩ minimum insulation resistance at 150V. They can withstand 150VAC dielectric voltage for 1 minute and deliver 30x operation durability over competing connector solutions.

The Archer .5 Board-to-Board Connectors in Action

The Archer .5 connectors from Harwin provide a wide variety of features for protection like polarization, which is designed to prevent the incorrect orientation and alignment of the connectors from mismating. The connectors are fully shrouding and provide recessed contacts, which also prevent the mismating that can occur during assembly, connecting, and disconnecting.

The connectors feature blade design male contacts in a gold-plated contact area, which provides high resistance to corrosion with high conductivity. SMT terminations are tin plated and can be utilized to manage energy absorption and unwelcome RF signal mirroring. This contributes to -35dB performance in environments with crosstalk up to 12GHz.

Getting Started with the Archer .5 Board-to-Board Connectors

The materials on the 0.5mm pitch connectors are halogen free and adhere to technical specifications required by today’s industrial equipment, such as RoHS and REACH SVHC.

For a visual overview of the product, watch Harwin’s video highlighting the Archer .5 Board-to-Board Connectors below:

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