Microchip Releases PolarFire FPGA

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


October 22, 2019


Microchip Releases PolarFire FPGA

Industry?s lowest-power FPGA enables high-throughput on-orbit processing systems that withstand radiation effects in space.

Microchip Technology Inc. released the RT PolarFire FPGA that is enhanced to satisfy demands for spacecraft payload systems’ high-speed data paths with minimal power consumption and heat generation.

The RT PolarFire FPGA:

  • is supported by all essential radiation data, specifications, package details and tools customers require to generate new designs
  • provides 50 percent more performance and triple the logic elements and serializer-deserializer (SERDES) bandwidth
  • offers six times the amount of embedded SRAM to offer more system complexity than previously possible using FPGAs and endures total ionizing dose (TID) exposure beyond the 100 kilorads (kRads) that is common in most earth-orbiting satellites and many deep-space missions
  • consumes 50 percent less power than that of alternative SRAM-based FPGAs with equivalent density and performance

Microchip’s RT PolarFire RTPF500T FPGA will be available in 2021.

Learn more at www.microchip.com.

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