Learn What's New with LDRA's MISRA C: 2023 Compliance Guidelines

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 10, 2023


Image Credit: LDRA

Wirral, United Kingdom. LDRA added the latest MISRA C 2023 guidelines to the static code analysis and reporting capabilities of its LDRA tool suite. Included is MISRA C:2012 Amendment 4 (AMD4) that combines prior versions of guidelines into a complete edition to improve compliance. "MISRA C guidelines drive the development toward safe, secure and reliable code and this release demonstrates our continued commitment to ensuring MISRA C:2023 compliance is accessible to every safety- and security-critical development team," said Ian Hennell, Operations Director, LDRA.

LDRA’s MISRA C guidelines suggest utilizing static analysis tools to validate code following its standards. LDRA technical specialist Andrew Banks said, "Adopting static analysis tools is a valuable investment towards MISRA C Compliance," Banks said. "Such tools streamline MISRA Compliance efforts and reduce risks in new software development, while supporting developer training on MISRA C. They provide the best option for achieving MISRA Compliance, an integral component of any embedded software certification process."

LDRA Tool Suite Benefits:

  • Recognize non-compliant code to assist documentation and modification
  • Reports and graphical displays to boost understanding of the source code
  • Structural coverage analysis for the measurement  and maintenance of tested code

"Furthermore, by consolidating the recent enhancements into a single source, MISRA C:2023 provides the new benchmark guidance for developers of safety- or security-related, or indeed any high-integrity, software," added Banks.

For more information, visit www.ldra.com.

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