Ubuntu Core 20 Designed for Security

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 08, 2021


Ubuntu Core 20 Designed for Security
(Image courtesy of Canonical)

Canonical's Ubuntu Core 20, is a minimal version of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for IoT devices and embedded systems.

This version bolsters device security with secure boot, full disk encryption, and secure device recovery. Ubuntu Core builds on the Ubuntu application ecosystem to create ultra-secure smart things.

Ubuntu Core 20 addresses the cost of design, development and maintenance of secure devices.

Features per a company press release include:

  • Security updates support controlled and cost-effective unattended software updates for OEM fleets that fix everything.

  • A minimal attack surface for OS and apps, with no unused software installed in the base OS, reduces the size and frequency of security updates.

  • All snaps on Ubuntu Core devices are strictly confined and isolated, limiting the damage from a compromised application.

  • Provable software integrity and secure boot prevents unauthorized software installation, with hardware roots-of-trust.

  • Full disk encryption eases compliance with privacy requirements for sensitive consumer, industrial, healthcare or smart city applications.

Ubuntu Core is widely available and certified on popular x86 and ARM single board computers, making it accessible to all. 

For more information, visit ubuntu.com.

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