UEI Updates Cybersecurity for Aerospace and Defense Compliancy

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

July 19, 2023


UEI Updates Cybersecurity for Aerospace and Defense Compliancy
Image Credit: United Electronic Industries (UEI)

Norwood, Massachusetts. United Electronic Industries (UEI) updated its cybersecurity solutions for utilization in its platforms to meet the demanding criteria of aerospace and defense systems. The innovations address secure boot, secure key generation, FIPS 140.2 encryption, and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) integration for aid with NIST 800-213* compliance.

System chassis are delivered with either SoloX/ARM or ZYNQ UltraScale+ CPU options with the ability to host many personalized I/O boards. After a choice of CPU, the processor is matched up with a programmer toolkit subscription giving users access to tools required for administrative controls, generate passwords, set up logging, create auditing policies, etc. Once the above tasks are completed, developers load created applications onto the UEI hardware with the intuitive GUI-based UEI-SAT Security Automation Tool.

For more information, visit ueidaq.com.

* NIST SP 800.213-

  • The “Cybersecurity Guidance for the Federal Government - Establishing IoT Device Cybersecurity Requirements”
  • Provides background and recommendations so organizations can consider how their embedded device(s) can integrate into systems
  • Devices and their support for security controls are outlined in the context of organizational/system risk
  • Support of system security considerations from a device perspective – better identify cybersecurity requirements

NIST SP 800.213A

  • Part A of 800.213, the “IoT Device Cybersecurity Guidance for the Federal Government: IoT Device Cybersecurity Requirement Catalog”
  • 800-213A is a catalog of device cybersecurity features and functions required to properly support 800.213, as well as a catalog of non-technical supporting capabilities, such as support required from device manufacturers
  • The catalog consists of the following:
    • Device Security, Protection, Identification, and Configuration
    • Data Protection
    • Logical Access to Interfaces
    • Software Update
    • Cybersecurity State Awareness


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