ProtectedBy.AI Launches CodeLock for Defense Against Cyberattacks

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

July 07, 2021


ProtectedBy.AI Launches CodeLock for Defense Against Cyberattacks

CodeLock is a patented approach designed to defend against insertion attacks that can occur within the software supply chain.

CodeLock creates an inviolable network of security sensors that can be embedded into any software running on an organization's servers and systems. The CodeLock algorithm injects specialized digital signatures at predetermined locations throughout an entire body of code. This creates containers of code which are then sealed, signed, and linked together. Through this process, CodeLock is designed to protect every line of produced code

The two primary dimensions of CodeLock:

  • A Developer Interface requires programmers to confirm their identity through multiple mechanisms - including tiered passwords, multi-factor authentication, digital footprinting, and biometrics. 
  • An Alert Monitor acts as an early warning system and is designed for non-tech executives who do not have the time or bandwidth to delve deep into code. Accessible from anywhere in the world, the alert monitor serves as an early warning system; a capability that can be configured to send emails, texts, and even pre-recorded calls to anyone in an organization's chain of command.

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