Avnet Expands UbiquiOS Franchise into the Americas

June 07, 2017

Press Release

Avnet Expands UbiquiOS Franchise into the Americas

Today, Avnet announced a new distribution agreement with UbiquiOS(tm) Technology limited, a provider of hardware-agnostic, wireless connectivity software . The expanded Avnet and UbiquiOS...


New deal broadens customer access to secure, wireless connectivity stack

Avnet (NYSE: AVT), a leading global technology distributor, and UbiquiOS™ Technology Limited, a leading provider of hardware-agnostic, wireless connectivity software, today announced a new distribution agreement that expands Avnet’s franchise rights with UbiquiOS to include the Americas. Effective immediately, Avnet will offer UbiquiOS’s integrated stack to customers in the Americas as well as Europe, accelerating the development of IoT-enabled devices and systems.

Built on open standards/protocols to support end-to-end IoT applications across a wide array of functions and applications, UbiquiOS is a compact and secure embedded software platform that provides a complete connectivity solution from device driver to application layer. UbiquiOS provides powerful APIs for common system functionalities such as memory management, device configuration and provisioning, and network protocol implementations.

“IoT development occurs across a wide base of engineers from entrepreneurs to established corporations. The combination of UbiquiOS accelerating wireless product development and Avnet’s unique ability to overcome issues of scale and time-to-market pressures faced by customers will improve IoT project success,” said Martin Riegel, CEO, UbiquiOS.

UbiquiOS recently teamed with Trusted Objects and Avnet Silica to design a Transport Layer Security (TLS) solution that provides end-to-end sensor-to-server security to billions of sensors. Adding support for the Trusted Objects’ microcontroller-based TO136 Secure Element and Avnet Silica’s server APIs for gateway/sensor provisioning gives developers using the UbiquiOS low-resource stack the ability to interface wirelessly to IoT devices with confidence that their systems are protected against system, network or data cyber intrusion.

“Security has been the top priority, and greatest challenge, for developers of IoT-enabled systems. The UbiquiOS stack offers customers a powerful, integrated security solution, without limiting designers’ choice of MCU, wireless chipset, cloud platform or development environment,” said Alex Iuorio, senior vice president, supplier development, Avnet. “Avnet’s Silica group has had great success with this line in Europe, and we look forward to the opportunity to help our customers in the Americas achieve faster time to revenue with this flexible connectivity platform.”