Altia Releases Altia Design 13.2

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 18, 2021


Altia Releases Altia Design 13.2

Altia announced the release of Altia Design 13.2, the company's flagship editing suite for the creation of embedded graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

In addition to the Dynamic List Object, which gives designers the ability to add a customizable list feature into their displays, Altia Design 13.2 includes a new blending mode, 9-slice image scaling, drag-and-drop capabilities, and other upgrades to improve usability for Altia software users.

Altia Design allows GUI designers to turn static digital graphics into fully functional GUI prototypes. Per the company, the platform is used around the world in automotive, medical, industrial, and consumer goods applications.

Version 13.2 features include:

  • Dynamic List Object: Gives designers the ability to embed list import capability into user displays. End users can create contact lists, music lists, and more with fully customizable behaviors, layout options, arrays, and grids.
  • Color Emojis: Allows end-users to add vivid emojis into their GUIs.
  • Drag and Drop: Options for designers to create image objects and decks by dragging files onto a project canvas.
  • 3D Blending Modes: Ability to overlay and blend multiple graphic layers into a single object for dimensional effects.
  • Dark Mode: New setting which converts the Altia Design interface to a dark background display environment. Reduces eye strain for designers, especially those working in rooms with low ambient light.
  • 9-Slice Image Scaling: Suitable for designers, this capability demarcates the object screen into nine subsections using two horizontal and two vertical dividers. Nine-slice image scaling enables designers to scale different sections of the screen image without distorting the other sections. The capability allows users to add anything from buttons and sliders to input boxes, progress bars, scrollbars, and other widget controls.

Altia Design 13.2 is available.

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