Sonical & Dolphin Design Partner on the Future of Hearables

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

September 19, 2022


Image Provided by Sonical & Dolphin Design

Sonical Inc and Dolphin Design collaborated on a plan to offer a diverse computing platform for ASIC/SoCs with an OS (CosmOS) that enhances the user’s hearable experience.

CosmOS works many plugins and apps for hearables being used in headsets, earbuds, and hearing aids.CosmOS allows designers  an easy move toward Headphone 3.0.

According to Sonical, "the CosmOS leverages an ear computer and operating system…to easily define and personalize…experience using apps."

Next generation of ASIC/SoC is required for maximizing CPU power while combining AI with less energy consumed.  Dolphin Design’s IP design platforms were created around Raptor (CNN accelerator) and Panther (software programmable RISC-V-based AI/DSP accelerator) to achieve this purpose.

"Every person has a unique hearing preference which changes during the day depending on which activity you are doing", said Gary Spittle, Sonical CEO: "We have developed CosmOS to support the three pillars of hearable technologies that not only allow us to listen to audio but to also listen to the world and listen to our bodies. By downloading apps for your ears, we can deliver new experiences that are beyond the capabilities of regular Bluetooth headphones.  With the inclusion of multiple sensors for biometric data capture, we are working with ear device companies to unlock a new wave of innovation, using AI-based algorithms, which of course requires a significant amount of low-power computation. The combination of our operating system and the Dolphin Design IP will enable chip manufacturers to build state-of-the-art ear computers."

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