Somnium Technologies' IP assets brought to market by Metis Partners

October 03, 2017

Somnium Technologies' IP assets brought to market by Metis Partners

Good morning, Please see below the press release about Somnium Technologies' IP assets being brought to market by Metis Partners, the award-winning commercial intellectual property consulting...


Press release

Somnium Technologies’ IP assets brought to market by Metis Partners

The unique embedded software development tool suite and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) assets behind market leader Somnium Technologies Limited (in Liquidation) (“Somnium Technologies”) are being brought to the global market by Metis Partners Limited, the award-winning commercial intellectual property consulting firm on behalf of the company’s liquidators, Quantuma LLP.

The sale of the Intellectual Property (IP) assets of Somnium Technologies, the market leader in the development of C/C++ embedded software development products, will be of notable interest to software developers, or those with an interest in Device-aware Resequencing Tools (DRT).

Incorporated in 2011, Somnium Technologies’ suite of DRT provided support to developers by optimising memory and power consumption of devices both in respect of embedded software and firmware.

Unlike most development tools, which focus upon the CPU performance, Somnium Technologies’ DRT analyse memory hierarchy, data sequences and component interaction across the entire programme; allowing automated optimisation for code size and performance, as well as energy and memory efficiency.

The suite of DRT was developed in-house, and based upon FogBugz, and has an extensive code repository and comprehensive wiki with over 6,000 modifications. The tools have achieved performance optimisation of up to 38% improvement, 44% greater energy efficiency, and up to 14% reduction in ROM usage.

Reports compiled this year by Hexa Research predict revenues for the embedded software market will reach $14.84bn by 2020, and annual growth will rise, in the short to medium terms, by more than 8%. Any purchaser of the Somnium Technologies’ IP assets will be ideally placed to take advantage of this market potential.

Morven Fraser, of Metis Partners, who is co-ordinating the marketing drive, said: “This sale is certain to attract a high degree of interest from those looking to develop opportunities in the ever-growing ‘Internet of Things’.

In addition to the software toolkit, the IP assets offered for sale include a patent portfolio with a notably broad coverage, consisting of two granted patents, and five patent applications in international territories.

The reputation of Somnium Technologies is enviable, thanks to a recent partnership with global semiconductor design and manufacturing giant, Texas Instruments, and numerous endorsements and recommendations from top-tier tech customers in Silicon Valley. This brand and reputation wields significant goodwill and is likely to be a highly desirable asset.”

The sale also reinforces Metis Partners’ expertise and reputation in the software and software development sectors, which includes the successful marketing of WeeWorld, Gazoob, and Blackthorn Technologies.

The IP assets for sale include the aforementioned rights in the unique Somnium suite of DRT embedded software tools and source code, rights in the international patent portfolio registered and unregistered trade marks, and website content and domains.

All offers should be submitted directly to Morven Fraser of Metis Partners by noon on Tuesday October 24, 2017

For further information, please contact: Morven Fraser, Metis Partners, 33 Lynedoch Street, Glasgow, G3 6AA. Tel: 0141 353 3011.

E: [email protected]





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Date: October 2017


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