CES 2023: Folio Photonics' Enterprise-Scale Optical Data Storage Solution

By Taryn Engmark

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

December 29, 2022


CES 2023: Folio Photonics' Enterprise-Scale Optical Data Storage Solution

SOLON, OHIO. At CES 2023, Folio Photonics will showcase how it is reenergizing data storage media with an enterprise-scale optical disc data storage solution designed to improve cost, margin, performance, and sustainability.

CES attendees will be able to see how the company utilized advancements in materials science to develop high-capacity optical storage with improved write/read capabilities with a long-term roadmap to 10TB on a single disc. Suitable for data center and hyperscale customers, Folio’s data storage media can reduce overall costs while maintaining activity, performance, cybersecurity, and sustainability levels in data archives.

“The high cost of storage is untenable with exploding data growth, cyber threats continuing to escalate, and data centers being one of the top contributors to energy/water usage and CO2 emissions. Current HDD and LTO tape roadmaps reflect insufficient technological advancement to meet user requirements and desired price points in the future,” said Steven Santamaria, CEO, Folio Photonics. “We look forward to CES and the opportunity to show how Folio Photonics has achieved a significant breakthrough in multi-layer optical storage disc technology.”

Folio Photonics will highlight:

  • Novel Materials - Folio Photonics achieves extremely thin storage layers and high layer densities using novel fluorescent materials, overcoming obstacles with interlayer crosstalk found in traditional reflective optical storage media.
  • Multi-layered Film - These nanophotonic materials are embedded into multi-layer films with a scalable co-extrusion manufacturing process.
  • High Capacity Discs - Discs equipped with Folio's multi-layered film can provide random and rapid access to data across 16+ layers.
  • Photonic Drives - Data is written and accessed through a proprietary drive with a novel confocal optical pickup unit to track through layers at high spin speeds.

Folio Photonics and its licensed technology were spun off from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and its National Science Foundation Center for Layered Polymeric Systems. Folio Photonics will join CWRU in Booth #61701, Tech West Hall G Eureka Park.

For more information, visit Folio Photonics.

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