Go below .5V with SRAM from sureCore

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 05, 2023


Go below .5V with SRAM from sureCore
Image Credit: sureCore

sureCore has designed the PowerMiser Plus, a new family of ultra-low voltage SRAM solutions that are operational down to 0.45V. Performance, as well as power consumption, are able to be increased and decreased concurrently by the logic and memory interfacing at equivalent voltages.

Paul Wells, sureCore’s founder and CEO says, “More and more customers are responding to market pressures to deliver extended battery lives. In doing so, they can no longer ignore the significant power drain of their embedded SRAM. This is especially true in the edge-AI space where pattern matching requires heavy SRAM usage.”

sureCore’s sureFIT, delivers memory sub-system environments developed for the 3D design space of Power, Performance and Area (PPA). sureCore memories deliver single rail, low voltage operation enabling direct logic connection with simplistic system level designs.

According to sureCore, “For one customer, sureCore ported the PowerMiser Plus architecture to a leading 12nm process interfacing to logic operating at 0.45V whilst delivering 400MHz performance at the worst-case corner. The SoC had an on-chip LDO generating both the logic supply as well as a 0.65V supply for the SRAM storage arrays. This ensured that as system level shifts in operating voltage were made so as to meet the required performance targets, then the two supplies tracked each other within a predefined margin. This meant that the use of power-hungry level shifters within the SRAM were avoided, thereby further optimizing power consumption.”

For more information, visit sure-core.com.

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