Infineon Launches Industry First LPDDR Flash Memory

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 21, 2023


Image Credit: Infineon

Munich, Germany. Infineon Technologies AG announced the SEMPER X1 LPDDR Flash, the first LPDDR Flash memory ensuing expansion of automotive E/E architectures. The LDDR interface, supporting 3.2 GBytes/sec and a multi-bank architecture, administers secure, efficient, and real-time code implementation essential to automotive domain and zone controllers.

“With the drive towards semi-autonomous vehicles and more sophisticated engine control, real-time decisions are critical to the dependability and safety of the vehicle and driver,” said Jim Handy, General Director of the semiconductor market research firm Objective Analysis.

With eight times the performance of current NOR Flash memories and 20 times faster random read transactions, this device is perfectly suited for real-time applications. Software-defined vehicles can now distribute innovative features while having secure memory and architectural customization.

The next cycle of automotive E/E architectures will expand the need for better logic, networking, and consistency. These needs will introduce vehicle reliability with state-of-the-art multi-core processors. “We are excited to launch SEMPER X1 LPDDR Flash and see a promising future for safe, reliable and real-time Flash for zone controllers,” said Sandeep Krishnegowda, Vice President of Marketing and Applications, Flash Solutions, of Infineon.

For more information, visit Infineon.

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