Elektrobit Adds Vehicle-to-Grid Communications to EB tresos Product Line

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 17, 2021


Elektrobit Adds Vehicle-to-Grid Communications to EB tresos Product Line
(Image courtesy of Elektrobit)

Elektrobit (EB) announced two additions to its Classic AUTOSAR product line that provide carmakers and suppliers with a solution for secure, ISO 15118-compliant communication between an electric vehicle (EV) and charging station.

The solution enables the development of next-generation EVs with vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capabilities required by the ISO 15118 standard, within an AUTOSAR development environment for electronic control units (ECUs). 

To support carmakers and suppliers, EB has added EB tresos V2G ChargeIn, a new, in-vehicle, AUTOSAR-compatible software module that—in combination with an ISO 15118-compliant communication stack—enables ECUs to manage the communication between the charging system inside the vehicle and the charging station. In addition, through a partnership with SEVENSTAX, EB tresos AutoCore now integrates the fully ISO 15118-compliant SEVENSTAX application stack, supporting the latest V2G communication features. The communication and security requirements for these features are provided using standardized AUTOSAR components such as the Internet Protocol stack and security extension modules. 

EB tresos V2G ChargeIn also includes a blueprint application that serves as a roadmap for customers interested in developing their own, customized charging applications.  

For more information about EB tresos V2G ChargeIn, visit https://www.elektrobit.com/products/ecu/eb-tresos/v2g-chargein/

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