CES 2024 Best in Show Winner: Aurora Labs’ Auto Update

January 10, 2024


CES 2024 Best in Show Winner: Aurora Labs’ Auto Update

Aurora Labs’ OTA Auto Update uses AI to identify changes in vehicle source code and integrate into the software developer’s toolchain to enable six times smaller update files than current OTA solutions.

Auto Update’s 3-Diff additive update files enable OTA updates through patented AI and advanced algorithms delivering the industry’s smallest and most reliable update file. Auto Update’s 3-Diff technology is integrated into the development toolchain, analyzing changes in the source code and automatically creating additive update files in the same file format as the original embedded ECU file (ELF, S-Rec, Intel HEX). These files are fully executable and do not need a proprietary update agent to be integrated into each and every ECU.

Using standard file formats removes the burden of adapting the testing systems, security protocols, production systems and dealership maintenance systems. Auto Update can reduce the size of an update file for a large ECU from 500 MB to only 15MB (97%). This reduction in size has direct effects on SBOM, data transmission and cloud storage costs.

Auto update patented 3-Diff additive update files do not interfere with the execution of the existing software, enabling the update to be installed without reflashing or reprograming, with no reliance on an active connection, and with zero downtime, with or without A/B memory. Up to 20 updates can be written to the existing flash memory without requiring a single erase, prolonging the life of the flash memory by 40x.

Auto Update utilizes the vehicle’s power to execute the write, without discharging the battery, removing any unnecessary battery drainage and maintaining a healthy battery lifespan. The small nature of the update file allows for multiple update versions to be written over time on the same flash memory, enabling for instant roll-back, without reprogramming, to any version in case of an error, security incident or recall – thus maintaining a full fail-safe redundancy solution.

For more information, visit: https://www.auroralabs.com/product/auto-update/