UltraSoC and AESIN to Improve Automotive Safety and Security

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


July 09, 2019


UltraSoC and AESIN to Improve Automotive Safety and Security

The technology helps developers verify that their products function securely and safely in the lab, and can also be used in-life, providing ongoing monitoring while the production system is in use.

UltraSoC and AESIN (the Automotive Electronics Systems Innovation Network) are working together to secure automotive systems with embedded monitoring capabilities.

UltraSoC’s technology and experience is conducive for safety-critical and security applications by offering a better understanding and observation that enable automotive system developers to meet the functional safety, risk assessment, testing, reporting and traceability requirements of standards including ISO26262, IEC 61508, EN50126/8/9 and CE 402/2013, and accelerating the move to cybersecurity standards such as ISO21434 and SAE J3061.

“AESIN and specifically the Automotive Electronics Security group are incredibly relevant to us and our customers. Enhancing security is a major focus for the industry with an ever-increasing level of connectivity and vehicle system complexity. Cross-industry participation is essential if we are to protect people against cybercrime and hacking – something UltraSoC is committed to achieving,” said UltraSoC’s CEO, Rupert Baines.

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