DFRobot Boson, Other Education Kits Shipping from Newark

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 21, 2021


DFRobot Boson, Other Education Kits Shipping from Newark
Photo Courtesy of Newark

Newark is now shipping DFRobot’s Boson line of development kits and several other educational platforms.

The Boson kits, which include the Boson Starter Kit for micro:bitBoson Inventor Kit, and Boson Science Kit, require little-to-no coding or soldering and can be integrated with the Arduino environment.

The Boson kits include a variety of sensors and functional modules designed to accelerate the understanding of electronic systems. For example, the Boson Science kit includes eight scientific IoT sensors, while the Inventor Kit includes 12 activity cards for projects that include LEGO blocks.

Other DFRobot education kits now carried by Newark include:      

Max:Bot, an entry-level, remote control robot featuring motors, speakers, and sensors       

Maqueen Mechanic Kit, a robotic bulldozer and loading machine that provides an introduction to functional machinery       

4-Soldering Light Chaser Beam Robot Kit and Insectbot Hexa, which teach programming and soldering for smart motion, and obstacle avoidance applications.

For more information on Newark’s educational electronics kits, visit www.newark.com/education-services.

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