A Prescription for Security: Mitigating Cybersecurity Threats in Medical Device Software

November 06, 2023


The increasing use of technology in medicine has created cybersecurity vulnerabilities that threaten healthcare systems and patient outcomes.

Medical devices are particularly susceptible to attacks due to firmware update difficulties. Building medical devices using robust cybersecurity principles has never been more critical.

The Consolidated Appropriations Act enables the FDA to enforce cybersecurity provisions for medical device manufacturers, with compliance deadlines already in effect. Defense strategies include secure password hashes, resource limits, encryption, microkernel design, and cybersecurity services. A comprehensive strategy also involves SBOM management, SAST, cybersecurity partners, and an incident-response process. BlackBerry offers intelligent security services to secure a connected future.

This white paper outlines the steps manufacturers can take to ensure they are designing and developing cybersecure products. BlackBerry QNX software is trusted by medical device manufacturers to support a broad range of life-critical medical devices.

The following topics are covered:
• Medical System Attacks
• The Challenges of Building Medical Devices
• Global Medical Regulation
• Applying Cybersecurity Techniques to Medical Devices
• Using the STRIDE model