Clarius Takes Ultrasounds Further

May 07, 2018


Clarius Takes Ultrasounds Further

Ultrasound veteran Laurent Pelissier wanted to shrink the expensive cart-based technology we're all used to to a handheld size. A tall order, no doubt. That's when his new startup Clarius reached out

Imaging technology that fits in a pocket and works with a smart phone is just the kind of tech to shake up the $6 billion ultrasound industry. But only if it’s executed to perfection. Clarius Mobile Health wanted to take on the challenge, partnering with a global distributor, Avnet, to bring the device to market. Now, they want to make the portable ultrasound the same as omnipresent in medicine as the stethoscope. This case study shows how the Clarius scanner went from idea in a garage to cleared for sale in more than 20 countries.

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