Crank Software Teams Up With Ventec Life Systems to Increase Ventilator Production

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 06, 2020


Rapid GUI development capabilities of Storyboard make addition of new functions to VOCSN critical care ventilators possible in under 30 days.

To increase production of respiratory care products, Crank Software teamed with Ventec Life Systems to enable design improvements to the VOCSN critical care ventilator. Crank Software's Storyboard embedded graphical user interface (GUI) development platform allowed Ventec to add additional functionality to the ventilator's touchscreen and support a partnership with General Motors to  deliver 30,000 critical care ventilators to the U.S. National Stockpile.

According to the company, Storyboard's prototyping and design tools helped Ventec update the GUI in less than 30 days to provide software with preset ventilation functions to better service the needs of frontline medical professionals.

Ventec relies on the Storyboard GUI design platform for its advanced respiratory systems. Storyboard software powers all of the graphics and critically sensitive touch buttons and presets launched on the screen of the 18- pound VOSCN Multi-Function Ventilator. The mobile device combines five therapies - ventilator, oxygen concentrator, cough assist, suction pump, and nebulizer - into one machine.
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