LDRA and Siemens Partner up to Boost Traceability and Verification for Embedded Systems

March 14, 2019


LDRA and Siemens Partner up to Boost Traceability and Verification for Embedded Systems

LDRA tool suite integration featuring bidirectional traceability automates impact analysis and enables Polarion users to reduce the cost of compliance with safety-critical standards.

Wirral, U.K. LDRA has partnered with Siemens PLM Software to enhance traceability and validation for customers developing critical embedded systems leveraging Polarion ALM software. The LDRA tool suite integration with Polarion ALM provides a full lifecycle traceability and software quality solution for embedded markets with a deep dive into automated verification testing.

Polarion ALM software focuses on cross-platform enterprise applications to enable effective product and application lifecycle management in a wide array of embedded markets ranging from automotive to medical to IoT.

The benefits of LDRA’s integration with Polarion ALM include: 

  • Automation of the delivery of software quality analysis and verification results to Polarion for viewing in a web browser from any of the team members
  • Transparency of overall software development process regardless of software methodologies like Agile, Spiral, etc.
  • Ability to expand test verification from Polarion ALM into any embedded software development ecosystem or hardware platform spanning from 8-bit and 16-bit MCUs to 32-bit and all the way up to 64-bit architectures

“LDRA’s tool suite integration greatly complements our Polarion ALM offering by providing end-to-end traceability to test execution in support of regulated requirements based testing and comprehensive analysis of test coverage,” said Pascal Vera, Product Management Director at Siemens PLM Software. “Along with providing transparency into their overall software development process and improving customers’ operational efficiency, this bidirectional traceability helps simplify, automate, and reduce the cost of compliance with safety- and security-critical standards.”

For more information, please visit https://ldra.com/.