dSPACE Launches the SCALEXIO AutoBox

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


July 26, 2019


dSPACE Launches the SCALEXIO AutoBox

In-vehicle real-time system with high computing power and comprehensive bus support.

dSPACE has released the SCALEXIO AutoBox, an in-vehicle prototyping system that provides processing power, accurate real-time capabilities, and comprehensive support for communication bus systems.

It helps engineers generate highly complex and sophisticated functions on the road. The system includes cutting-edge Intel processors, customer-programmable FPGA components, a high-performance real-time operating system, and the I/O network IOCNET that provides low transmission latencies and a large data bandwidth.

Its wide-range power supply regulates the system for on-board power architectures from 12 to 48 V.

“dSPACE prototyping systems combine powerful hardware, high reliability, and usability with high functionality. When we developed the SCALEXIO AutoBox, our goal was to offer users a worry-free solution so that they can concentrate fully on their development tasks,” said dSPACE’s Product Manager Rapid Prototyping Systems, Christian Wördehoff.

To learn more, visit https://www.dspace.com/.