embedded world 2019: An international gathering of experts

August 07, 2018


embedded world 2019: An international gathering of experts

embedded world 2019 #ele19

? Call for papers & workshops – embedded world conference 2019

? Call for Papers – electronic displays conference 2019

? Review: embedded world 2018 impressive across the board

The publication of the call for papers signals that the embedded world

and electronic displays conferences 2019 are under way. As in

previous years, the focus will once again be on the latest issues

affecting embedded systems and displays. The conferences thus

provide a high-calibre thematic accompaniment to the exhibition and

forums taking place in the halls.

Now in its 17th year, the conference takes its name from one of its

predecessors from the 90s. “Embedded intelligence” used to be more of a

vision of the future, but now it’s increasingly becoming a reality and shaping

a growing number of systems: from autonomous vehicles, to image

recognition and embedded vision systems, as well as preventive and needbased

maintenance in Industry 4.0 systems, and ranging from small

computers to high-performance cloud servers. These developments not

only open up tremendous possibilities and commercial opportunities, but

are also closely linked to many technical, economic, social, and ethical


And as always, embedded world showcases the latest innovations in the

field of embedded system development, both in the exhibition area, which

will once again accommodate more than 1,000 exhibitors, and at the


Embedded world conference 2019 – submit your presentation now

In this, its 17th appearance, the world’s most important gathering of

embedded system developers will once again present the latest

developments, set trends and highlight the priorities for future

developments. It’s where engineers from the fields of hardware, software

of embedded system development into reality.

comprehensive thematic areas into nine focus topics that reflect the areas

with the greatest innovative momentum, growth potential and challenges for

embedded system developers.

? Internet of Things – Platforms & Applications

? Connected Systems

? Embedded OS

? Safety & Security

? Hardware Engineering

? Software & Systems Engineering

? Embedded Vision

? Autonomous & Intelligent Systems

? Embedded GUI & HMI

In view of the numerous new potential applications, the traditional themes

of the conferences always have something new to offer. The challenge of

designing systems that are attack-proof continues to be a very critical

issue. But with the increase in the expanded thematic areas “Embedded

Vision” and “Autonomous & Intelligent Systems”, the conference is once

again including new, innovative areas that will also bring about major

changes in the embedded industry over the next few years.

“Once again, we’re looking forward to submissions on future-oriented

technologies and solutions, new ideas and smart concepts for efficient

development and operation throughout the entire life cycle of reliable,

energy embedded products,” explains Professor Axel Sikora, chairman of

the embedded world conference.

The Calls for Papers & Workshops will remain open until 31 August 2018.

audience of technical developers can be submitted online at:


Experts gather at electronic displays conference 2019

conference is now considered one of the most important industry platforms

for display technologies. Every year, developers, researchers and decisionmakers

come together in Nuremberg to exchange relevant information on

international display markets and discuss the latest technical solutions.

“Every year, display specialists from all over the world come to the

electronic displays conference to share their professional expertise with

one another. The professional dialog and the latest R&D findings with an

emphasis on practical application are what make this event unique. The

electronic displays conference represents two days of top-class knowledgesharing

at the highest technical level,” explains Professor Karlheinz

Blankenbach from the University of Pforzheim, who chairs the Congress

Advisory Council.

As well as knowledge transfer, delegates have the opportunity to discuss

the presentations with one another in the popular “Author Interviews” held

after each session. The presentations in English are scheduled for 20

minutes each. Proposals for topics can be submitted up to 5 October 2018

via the conference website, where you will also find further information on

the electronic displays conference and the call for papers:


? Display technologies (LCD, OLED, LED, E-paper, flexible displays,

(pico-) projection, new technologies like micro-LEDs ...)

? Display applications (e-signage, automotive, avionic, consumer,

industrial, information, medical, mobile, requirements, solutions ...)

? Driving and interfaces (controller, software, FPGA, LVDS, HMDI,

embedded DISPLAYPORT ...)

? Touch screens (techniques, software, optimizations, haptic

feedback ...)

? GUI, HMI (software, methods, solutions ...)

? 3D (3D display technologies, reproduction, software, evaluation ...)

? Measurement tasks (display and image quality, ambient light)

? System aspects and integration (embedded systems, lifetime,

environmental conditions, ...)

? Display subassemblies (backlight, housing, power supply ...)

? Supply chain (quality assurance, customized displays, reliability,

logistics, ...)

? Market data (FPD, touch, interfaces, applications, …)

? NEW: Lighting (automotive, special applications, …)

Review: embedded world 2018 sets milestone!

Once again, the embedded world exhibition & conference has reinforced its

outstanding role for the international embedded community. The 2017

event broke new records after three action-packed days of trade fair and

congress: Display area was up again by 4%. The 1,021 exhibiting

companies from 38 countries represent a milestone, while more than

32,217 trade visitors underscore the event’s role as the No. 1 gathering for

the industry.

Equally successful, and featuring more participants yet again, were the

embedded world and electronic displays conferences: 2,176 embedded

and display experts from all over the world came to Exhibition Centre

Nuremberg to enjoy professional knowledge-sharing of the highest calibre.

Dates for embedded world 2018

The next embedded world exhibition & conference will take place from

26 to 28 February 2019 at Exhibition Centre Nuremberg.