AAEON's EPIC-TGH7: High Level Computing with the 4" EPIC Board

By Chad Cox

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

September 08, 2022


Image Courtesy of AAEON Technology Inc.

With the introduction of the EPIC-TGH7, the first board of its kind to support Intel® 11th Generation Xeon®/CoreTM processors, AAEON introduced the world to the next generation of single board computers.

The EPIC-TGH7 offers 8 cores and 16 threads thanks to its cutting-edge processor package, boosting processing power and speed for demanding, high-end computing. The EPIC-TGH7 can provide up to 45W with performance comparable to a Xeon®, proving that this development has not come at the expense of power efficiency.

Despite maintaining the same EPIC board form size measuring only 4.53" x 6.50," the EPIC-TGH7 has up to 8 USB ports, dual LAN connections, and a PCIe[x8] slot, enabling PCIe4.0 speeds of up to 16GT/s (115mm x 165mm).

With the board being able to support the enhanced graphics necessary for such uses, AAEON believes that this combination of I/O density and high-speed expansion will be particularly useful to healthcare imaging and military defense applications.

The EPIC-TGH7 lends itself to use in digital signage, delivering 4 simultaneous displays via an I/O featuring HDMI, VGA, Dual Channel 24/48bit LVDS, and DP connections, in addition to healthcare imaging and military defensive applications. With so many options, users can choose from a variety of display setups to meet their project demands.

For more information, visit aaeon.com.

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