Advantech Releases Leading Industrial SQFlash BiCS5 Flash Solutions for Diverse AIoT Applications

October 19, 2021

Press Release

Advantech Releases Leading Industrial SQFlash BiCS5 Flash Solutions for Diverse AIoT Applications

Advantech, a leading provider of industrial flash storage solutions, is announcing the adoption of KIOXIA 112-Layer flash BiCS5 in multiple series and form factors.

The new BiCS5 3D TLC SQFlash BiCS5 provides NAND chips with extended native temperature ranges that ensure reliable operation in extreme environments, and support use in applications that require ruggedized designs.

Next generation BiCS5 Flash with higher speeds and greater capacity

Advantech's SQFlash BiCS5 provides 50% faster flash speeds than previous NAND generation technology, engendering performance and smooth presence - crucial attributes in high-resolution display applications such as gaming/medical displays and indoor/outdoor signage. Similarly, Advantech's SQFlash delivers up to 8TB capacity for 5G and WIFI6 data transmission and AI analytical data storage used in edge computing, gaming, artificial intelligence and smart manufacturing industries applications.

Reliable wide-temperature SQFlash products with intelligent monitoring

Advantech's SQFlash supports SSD operation in wide temperature environments (-40 to 85 °C), making it an excellent choice for energy sourcing facilities, automated factories, and in-vehicle applications that require advanced reliability in harsh environments. In addition, SQFlash products leverage Advantech's DeviceOn/SQ Manager Software for real-time performance/health monitoring and lifespan prediction.

Comprehensive security protects user data

Advantech's SQFlash series comprises a comprehensive selection of security features with the wide coverage of a TCG-OPAL compliant design. Likewise, Flash Vault uses a password to secure the drive; hardware and firmware write protection to prevent data replacement/removal, and crypto erase to enable full data sanitization on the SQFlash.

Key Features:

  • Wide capacity range: (TLC Solution) 64GB ~ 8TB (sTLC Solution) 32GB ~ 2TB

  • Wide operating temperatures (0 to 70 °C/-40 to 85 °C; extendable to automobile grade)

  • High endurance sTLC solutions
  • Intelligent monitoring and management 
  • TCG-OPAL compliant with diverse security features

Advantech's SQFlash BiCS5 Selection

SQFlash 720-D series (PCIe Gen. 3)

M.2 2230 (A-E Key)

M.2 2242 (M Key)

M.2 2280 (B+M/M Key)

CF Express (Type-B)





256 ~ 512GB

256GB ~ 1TB

256GB ~ 2TB

256GB ~ 1TB


AMF SP111-D series (SATA 6.0Gb) 



M.2 2280 (B+M Key)




64GB ~ 1TB

64GB ~ 1TB

64GB ~ 512GB

 The SQFlash BiCS5 product series will be available for early customer samples in October 2021. The BiCS5 NAND Flash will be implemented into more SQFlash series in 2022. For more information about SQFlash BiCS5 series or other Advantech products and services, contact the local sales team or visit the company's website at: