Kaman Introduces the SC-2440 Self-Contained Displacement Sensor to New Industries

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 11, 2020


Kaman Introduces the SC-2440 Self-Contained Displacement Sensor to New Industries

Off-the-shelf product ideal for high-precision, high-repeatability applications.

Kaman Precision Products, Inc., introduces the SC-2440 system that is ideal for applications featuring high-precision automated assembly, OEM applications with on-board computing power, and any application with high repeatability requirements.  The low-cost SC-2440 requires no calibration and is available for immediate delivery.

The SC-2440 is unique in that the temperature of the sensor is continuously monitored and the circuit provides a voltage output of 0.5 to 1.2 VDC from 0 to 70° C. This temperature-proportional voltage can be monitored by a microprocessor or PLC for active correction of the displacement output with changing temperature conditions. When used in precision automation applications, the output is considered to be very accurate, according to the company.

Additional features of the SC-2440 system include self-contained electronics, submersible IP-67 rugged housing, a compact build, built-in temperature sensor, fixed gain output, reverse polarity, and short circuit protection. The system also features low hysteresis and performs well with ferrous targets.

To learn more about Kaman Measuring products, visit http://www.kamansensors.com.

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