Flasheye Leverages OnLogic Rugged CPUs for 3D LiDAR Solutions

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

November 01, 2022


Image Provided by Flasheye

SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT / LULEA, SWEDEN. OnLogic released news that Flasheye is leveraging OnLogic industrial computers for their LiDAR Processing Units (LPUs). The 3D LiDAR technology exposes unanticipated anomalies to thwart slowdowns, failures, and accidents.

"Flasheye solutions need powerful computing, and their LPUs are installed in some of the most challenging environmental conditions you can imagine," says OnLogic Account Manager, Julian Kjaer. 3D LiDAR produces an enormous amount of data, and managing the data is quite the task. Information needs processed in real-time for safety-critical applications. For this challenge, Flasheye developed its LPU around the OnLogic Industrial Computers.

The mining industry utilizes LPUs for safety and production at the edge. Julian Kjaer continues, "In addition to extreme temperatures and constant vibration of machinery and conveyor belts, there's an incredible amount of dust in the air. Our Karbon 400 rugged computer ended up being ideal for the Flasheye LPU because of its robust mechanical design, small form factor, wide input power range and advanced processing. Configuration options like DIO and 4G wireless also give Flasheye a great deal of installation and application flexibility."

For more information visit, onlogic.com.

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