IoT-Enabled CNC Machine Monitoring from Faststream Technologies

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 06, 2021


Photo Courtesy of the Company

Faststream Technologies has implemented an IoT-enabled CNC machine monitoring solution that helps automate operations by streamlining M2M communications.

The solution synchronizes all of the CNC equipment in an IoT deployment, providing a comprehensive picture of system uptime, efficiency, and productivity.

IoT sensors on CNC machines measure various parameters and transmits them to a platform (like a smartphone), where machine supervisors can monitor the condition of machines remotely using the Faststream IoT monitoring software. The machine(s) can also be programmed to send alerts to the supervisor such as increases in temperature, vibration, or tool damage,

Over time, these alerts can also be used for predictive maintenance to forecast unexpected breakdown of tools.

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