Microchip's USBs Offer Two-Channel Solution for High-Speed Data Signals

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 23, 2023


Image Credit: Microchip

Chandler, Arizona. Microchip released two reclocker/redriver devices supporting long-distance reliable USB transmissions up to 15 meters and compatible with USB 3.2 Generation 1 SuperSpeed protocol. The automotive EQCO510 and industrial EQCO5X31 reclocker/redriver devices transmits data signals at 5 Gbps in both directions.

Reclocking Feature:

  • A bit-level Clock-Data Recovery (CDR) utilized to restore signal timing and mitigate jitter accumulation

Redriving Feature:

  • Restores the levels and shape of the signal sent into the next segment such as a cable or printed-circuit board (PCB) trace
  • Compensates for signal deprivation from cable reduction

The models include EyeOpen cable compensation that automatically regulates frequency reliant losses in the cable. EyeOpen can modify the strength of signal in between 0 and 24 dB with 1 dB steps. Also integrated is MarginLink signal integrity testing for evaluating transmissions within the complete signal path. Both support shielded twisted pair and coax cables and contain a crystal-less CDR reducing board space.

They are delivered in a 20-pin 4 mm QFN package with wettable flanks. Operating from -40°C to 105°C, the EQCO510 is certified automotive standard AEC-Q100 Grade 2. The USBs are designed for applications including infotainment systems, data communication modules and real-time video systems.

Two evaluation boards are supported including the EVB-EQCO5X31 USB Type-C Cable Extender and the EVB-EQCO5X31 USB Type-C Cable Repeater

For more information, visit microchipdirect.com.

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