Silicon Labs and Wirepas Partner for Asset Tracking and Building Automation

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 24, 2021


Silicon Labs and Wirepas Partner for Asset Tracking and Building Automation

Silicon Labs announced the release of a joint hardware and software solution for large-scale mesh networks in partnership Wirepas. 

Wirepas Massive connects and localizes sensors, tags and luminaires, and is available on Silicon Labs’ EFR32BG21 (BG21) and EFR32BG22 (BG22) modules and SoCs.  

The low power consumption linked with the affordability of Silicon Labs’ BG22 offers logistics managers a unique system for pallet and goods tracking throughout their supply chain. 

The solution also makes it possible to connect access control, smart lighting and sensors to a single network – all to power smart buildings. 

Powered by BG21 and BG22 Bluetooth modules and SoCs, Wirepas Massive delivers flexible IoT deployments to offer the following benefits across industries: 

  • mesh installations scalability  
  • high reliability and interference tolerance in a variety of environments for large scale lighting control systems and preventive maintenance 
  • goods and assets tracking across the supply chain with embedded high-density inventory
  • battery-operated infrastructure to monitor buildings and track assets.  

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