The Road to embedded world '23: Barcelona, Spain, Ignion

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 17, 2023


The Road to embedded world '23: Barcelona, Spain, Ignion
Image Credit: Ignion

Ignion is on a mission to make RF easy, and at Embedded World 2023 Ignion will be showcasing the tools and products that are proof of its commitment to simplicity. Be sure to stop by and visit the experts at Ignion and find the RF solution that works for you.

The revolutionary Virtual Antenna(R) portfolio features just 6 individual antenna components that cover all frequencies and wireless standards from Sub-Ghz to cellular, and everything in between.

Due to the unique non- resonant nature of its Virtual Antenna components, Ignion is able to provide precision tuning to multiple frequencies using the matching network that is a part of every Virtual Antenna solution. This means in essence, a custom antenna in an off the shelf design.

In addition to the hardware component, Ignion wants to ensure your success by providing you with a free design tool called the Antenna Intelligence Cloud that is simple to use and provides design information and performance results in a cloud-based digital twin which saves you having to build the physical prototype for testing.

This model means getting it right the first time and saves time, money and certification delays due to performance shortfalls. The combination of the patented hardware coupled with the free AWS-powered cloud service means a de-risked RF development environment so IoT device manufacturers can concentrate on their unique features and product differentiation.

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