Premio's Rugged Edge Survival Guide eBook

June 30, 2021


Achieving real-time decision making and predictive analytics is an increasingly strategic goal among industrial operations – an imperative fueled by rapid digital transformation and a growing appetite for automation upgrades across the broad spectrum of commercial and manufacturing applications. Rugged edge computing plays a critical role in this landscape, accelerating data processing based on a variety of sensor input data and enabling access and analytics close to the data source.

Premio's Rugged Edge Survival Guide eBook Premio recognizes the need to support software advancements with hardware strategies, providing the rugged, high-performance systems that enable reliable deployment in the most severe physical settings. From external enclosure to internal components, every element of a rugged edge computer is purpose-built through a combination of mechanical and thermal engineering to address environmental issues such as strong vibration, severe temperatures, and the presence of moisture or dirt. These industrial-grade computers are also validated to execute functions with extreme processing power and storage capacity, built to eliminate downtime and ensure stable 24/7 operation.

This eBook will highlight how edge computing is moving technology and processing close to where data is generated from IoT sensors – and how rugged edge computing is advancing this strategy into more challenging physical surroundings with dedicated hardware technologies and strategies.

Readers will gain insight into how the rugged edge is defined by its need for reliable computers that process and pass data back and forth to core industrial applications and systems, accelerating the demand for machine learning and intelligent decision-making capabilities.

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Download Whitepaper