Cubtek Partners with Rohde & Schwarz and NXP for 4D Imaging Radar

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 28, 2022


Image provided by Rohde & Schwarz

Cubtek Inc. with assistance from Rohde & Schwarz’s network analyzers (R&SZVA) are progressing the innovation of 4D imaging radar for RF measurement of the E-band utilizing the  R&SZVA-Zxxx millimeterwave converter. Employing the NXP’s S32R45 radar MPU and RFCMOS radar transceiver TEF82XX, the 4D imaging radar platform has enough bandwidth for 12 output and 16 input 77GHz antenna channels. With MMO technology, the virtual antennas can increase to 192.

When respect to LiDAR, 4D imaging radar is better equipped with needed safety constraints for self-driving in transit where weather is extreme. This is due to 4D imaging radar covering horizontal and vertical angles, distance, and speed. Angular resolution of 1 degree and 0.1 degree of angular precision.

4D imaging radar has far more antenna channels than conventional systems, which significantly enhances performance.  When compared to current radar systems, 4D imaging radar has more atennas with a greater transceiver volume.


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