Virtium Releases TuffDriveM.2 USB Line of SSDs

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


May 02, 2019


Virtium Releases TuffDriveM.2 USB Line of SSDs

New TuffDrive M.2. USB SSD line delivers small-form-factor, cost-efficient, durable storage to SATA-less systems.

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA. Virtium released the TuffDriveM.2 USB line of SSDs that deliver high-endurance, low-power, small-form-factor solid-state storage to industrial-embedded applications. This will help designers use USB 3.1’s widespread host support and efficiently connect M.2 form factor drives to host systems sans SATA storage interface for systems that require lower capacities such as operating system boot, code and application storage, virtualization, and light data logging.

The TuffDrive SSDs:

  • use the M.2 2242 form factor (22mm x 42mm) and USB 3.1 to reduce power consumption and heat generation
  • lower electromagnetic interference (EMI), which is conducive for medical, telecommunications and other EMI-sensitive applications, and overpopulated circuit boards
  • enable shock and vibration resistance

“Virtium is bringing to market the lowest-power, highest-reliability, M.2-compliant USB drives,” said Virtium’s VP of marketing, Scott Phillips. “Our engineers took a highly creative approach in developing an SSD line that leverages a form factor proven in embedded-industrial designs and a widely used, highly efficient interface. This achievement is particularly important for designers designing with IIoT SSDs and have to work with host systems that lack SATA, while still requiring lower power and heat.”

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