Global Enterprises Experience Reduced Productivity and Efficiency Due to Poor Connectivity

By Taryn Engmark

Assistant Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 05, 2021


Global Enterprises Experience Reduced Productivity and Efficiency Due to Poor Connectivity

New research highlights enterprise willingness to invest in private networks solutions as they seek greater network security, network performance and tighter network control.

Almost two thirds (63%) of US and European enterprises suffer reduced productivity and efficiency at the hands of weak and unreliable connectivity, according to results of new research commissioned by Quortus, a provider of private LTE and 5G network solutions. The study, carried out by Sapio Research, probed enterprises on their current pain points related to connectivity. The results highlight the growing awareness, interest in, and appetite for private networks among enterprise IT decision makers in the US, UK, Germany, and France.

The new study surveyed 260 IT decision makers in companies with between 1,000 and 10,000 employees and revenue of more than $1 million a year, operating in the manufacturing/industrial, retail, healthcare, automotive, defense/security, shipping, logistics, and local government sectors.

The survey findings, published in the report "Build, don’t buy: the road to private networks" highlight the perceived inadequacies of public fixed and mobile networks:

  • 91% of enterprise respondents believe the limitations of their existing connectivity is squarely tied to the limitations of macro public networks
  • The major limitations of public networks frustrating enterprises include weak security, restricted network speeds and limited available network capacity limiting innovation
  • 97% of organizations are ready to invest more money to ensure better connectivity, and almost half (47%) would increase current budgets by 10% if it reduced existing fears and limitations and helped drive operational efficiency
  • A fifth of enterprises do not believe the quality of their existing connectivity will support the achievement of their future digital ambitions

Some of the major findings include a mission to build and not buy

The Quortus study revealed that many global enterprises are taking the safeguarding of high-quality connectivity into their own hands by building and operating private cellular networks.

  • Almost a quarter (23%) of enterprises surveyed currently operate their own network
  • A third (33%) would prefer to build their own network with the help of specialist partners, rather than buy it directly from a public operator
  • The top perceived enterprise benefits of private networks include greater security, increased performance and tighter network control.

For more information, visit Quortus.

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