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Brandon is responsible for guiding content strategy, editorial direction, and community engagement across the Embedded Computing Design ecosystem. A 10-year veteran of the electronics media industry, he enjoys covering topics ranging from development kits to cybersecurity and tech business models. Brandon received a BA in English Literature from Arizona State University, where he graduated cum laude. He can be reached at [email protected]

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Analog & Power

Littelfuse Resettable Overcurrent Protection PPTCs Equip Small Surface-Mount Form Factor for High-Voltage Consumer Electronics - News

August 06, 2020

Key features of the zeptoSMDC PPTCs include a small 0201 surface-mount package and the ability to reset to normal operation once a fault has cleared.


Khronos Group Launches OpenXR Adopter?s Program, Conformance Testing for Cross-Platform AR/VR API - News

August 05, 2020

OpenXR is an open, industry standard API that enables the development and deployment of portable, cross-platform AR/VR (XR) runtimes.


Renesas RA Ecosystem Adds Arm, Alibaba, IAR, Qt, wolfSSL Building Blocks - Blog

August 03, 2020

The RA microcontroller ecosystem has expanded with security, machine learning, and other building block solutions from partners like Arm, Alibaba, IAR, Qeexo, Qt, Toshiba, and wolfSSL.

AI & Machine Learning

AI Model Training & Execution Now Possible on MCUs via ONE Tech MicroAI Atom - Blog

July 31, 2020

ONE Tech estimates that MicroAI Atom algorithms, which run recursive analysis and reside directly on target MCUs at the edge, reduce the cost of deploying endpoint intelligence by a minimum of 80%.


Good Stuff Department Releases Lattice ECP5 FPGA & VexRiscv-based Orange Crab Development Kit - Blog

July 30, 2020

The Orange Crab is a crowd-funded platform designed to Adafruit's 50.8 mm x 22.9 mm Feather board specification, and supports all open-source toolchains.

Open Source

Embedded Insiders: Asking Again... Is RISC-V Really for Real Real? - Product

July 24, 2020

In this edition of the embedded insiders, Brandon and Rich ponder whether RISC-V is taking too long to become a mainstream technology, or if it will even ever be one.


Dev Kit Weekly: ADLINK I-Pi Industrial IoT Prototyping Platform - Video

July 24, 2020

While maker boards like Arduino and Raspberry Pi are great because of their ultra-low cost, they are, well, cheap. That's where I-Pi comes in. It's a SMARC COM, carrier and Hardware-Attached Top.


Life after Raspberry Pi: Rapid System Prototyping for Professional Engineers - Story

July 24, 2020

Arduino and Raspberry Pi don't provide a sufficient analog to the electronic hardware in commercial products. Pro engineers need industrial-grade prototyping solutions. They need an "Industrial Pi."

Software & OS

Embedded Insiders: Defining Digital Twins - Podcast

July 09, 2020

In this edition of the Embedded Insiders, Brandon and Rich are joined by Brady Benware, VP and general manager of the tessent portfolio at Mentor, a Siemens business.

AI & Machine Learning

Embedded Insiders: How to Integrate AI into the Embedded Enterprise - Podcast

July 02, 2020

AI is all the rage these days, and poised to disrupt nearly every industry. In fact it already is. A recent IDC survey reported that the majority of companies are failing in their AI initiatives.

Open Source

Dev Kit Weekly: T.I. SimpleLink Multi-Band CC1352R Wireless MCU Launchpad SensorTag Kit - Video

June 26, 2020

The dual-band, multi-protocol CC1352R SimpleLink wireless MCU that supports both 2.4 GHz technologies like Bluetooth, Bluetooth 5 Low Energy, Zigbee, and Thread, as well as Sub-GHz connectivity.

Debug & Test

Embedded Toolbox: Use Ada and Let the Compiler Do the Static Analysis - Video

June 23, 2020

The Ada language abstracts most direct interaction with memory onto compilers, transitioning things like memory checks from a manual human operation to automatic. Get ready to save tons of debug time.

Open Source

Enabling Linux in Safety Applications Project Adds Multiple Working Groups, Members - News

June 22, 2020

The new working groups will build from progress in the SIL2LinuxMP and Real-Time Linux projects to help bridge gaps between the safety standards and Linux development ecosystems.

Open Source

Another IoT Security "Uh-Oh": 26 Flaws in Open-Source Zephyr and MCUboot Stacks - Story

June 18, 2020

Jennifer Fernick, Head of Research at NCC, spoke with Embedded Computing Design about 26 vulnerabilities found in the Zephyr RTOS and MCUboot bootloader during a recent security analysis.


SEMI World Fab Forecast Report Projects Record Equipment Spending in 2021 - Blog

June 15, 2020

Solid growth rates are projected across all product segments, with memory fabs leading global equipment spending at an estimated $30 billion.

Software & OS

New Version of Audio Precision Measurement Software Enables Multiple Simultaneous Analog, Digital Inputs - Story

June 15, 2020

The multi-input feature can be used in both bench and sequence modes to analyze microphones and microphone arrays.


Teledyne e2v 12 GSps RF DACs Operate in Ka-Bands - Story

June 15, 2020

The DACs integrate direct digital synthesis, a programmable anti-sinc filter, a digital up-converter with four interpolation stages and sinc compensation, and a programmable complex mixer.

Open Source

Dev Kit Weekly - Microchip Hello FPGA Kit - Video

June 15, 2020

Don't know AI? Even less familiar with FPGAs? Well don't worry, because this week on Dev Kit Weekly we're getting acquainted with the Hello! FPGA Kit from Microchip.


Surveys Say There's A New Normal in the Electronics Industry - Podcast

June 11, 2020

"2020 Trends in Electronics Sourcing" report dives deep into the ways that COVID-19 has impacted the global supply chain, and the ramifications that has had on the engineering community.


Report Finds 88 Percent of U.K. Electronics Companies Will Recover from Pandemic in Less Than 12 Months - Blog

June 10, 2020

According to the report, 22 percent of respondents are not currently experiencing decreased sales activity, and a remarkable 88 percent estimate that sales benchmarks will recover within a year.

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