Embedded Toolbox: Create a Secure Boot Manager on Arm TrustZone in Less Than 10 Minutes

November 10, 2020


How well do you understand the secure boot process? Yeah, we know that it works with a root of trust like Arm TrustZone and ensures the integrity of a system from power on, and that it can help extend cryptographic protections embedded deep in silicon out to the application level and beyond.

But do you understand Secure Boot well enough to implement a robust secure boot manager that can facilitate a trusted boot process? Connect it to applications for seamless encryption of device data and message authentication? And so on? And if you do, can you enable it in less than 10 minutes in a way that doesn’t disrupt your engineering workflow?

If you do and can, that’s great. If you can’t, tune into this episode of Embedded Toolbox, where IAR Systems’ Global FAE Manager Shawn Prestridge shows how to spin up a secure boot manager on an NXP LPC5500 series development board with Arm TrustZone. Using a configuration wizard in the C-Trust extension of IAR’s Embedded Workbench IDE, Shawn keeps the native programming environment and development cycle intact while laying out the foundation for a secure end-to-end system.

Tune in to learn how you can do the same.


For more information on IAR C-Trust, visit https://www.iar.com/security-from-inception/c-trust/.

For more on how you can implement secure development practices, register for the free IoT Device Security Conference at https://iotdevicesecurityconference.com/.