IoT Device Security Conference Goes Virtual, Featuring Presentations from IAR Systems, The Trusted Computing Group, Cypress, and More

October 06, 2020

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IoT Device Security Conference Goes Virtual, Featuring Presentations from IAR Systems, The Trusted Computing Group, Cypress, and More

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October 6, 2020, Scottsdale, Arizona – The IoT Device Security Conference has transformed into a virtual event, with even more presentations than originally planned. The agenda includes a mix of live presentations and downloadable, pre-recorded sessions, all with the common goal of securing today’s (and tomorrow’s) industrial, automotive, and consumer systems. The agenda for the third-annual event, being held November 10, 2020, includes discussions with security experts from IAR Systems, the Trusted Computing Group, and Cypress Semiconductor. Other presenters hail from the likes of Wind River, Green Hills Software, Arm, Microchip, Silicon Labs, Premio, and more.

One of the conference’s featured presentation will be delivered by Steve Hanna, one of the world’s top security experts from Infineon and the Trusted Computing Group. Steve will discuss how the IEC 62443 standards are being widely used as practical and effective countermeasures to cyber-attacks in the industrial space.

To follow is a presentation discussing the challenges in meeting the ongoing changes in IoT device legislation with IAR Systems’ Shawn Prestridge; a topic many view as the starting-point of any embedded design. Concurrently, developers must deal with the need to protect IP and ensure that product integrity is not compromised by counterfeiting and cloning during production. Shawn will elaborate on best practices to ensure that applications are safe, and illegal copies of a product are as difficult as possible to produce.

The pieces within the security puzzle have grown by leaps and bounds. Real lock-down security requires that all important aspects of security are implemented. One weak link makes the entire system vulnerable. Understanding what all those pieces are and how they fit together is the topic of the talk delivered by Erik Wood, the Secure MCU Product Line Director for Cypress, an Infineon company. Erik will address everything from low power, cost effectiveness, and high performance to cloud-based security. He will also provide his knowledge of the changing security standards implemented by local governments and global industry bodies.

Other IoT Device Security Conference presenters include:

  • Chuck Brokish, Director of Automotive Business Development, Green Hills Software
  • Xavier Bignalet, Security Product Manager, Microchip
  • Matt Jones, Vice President & Chief Systems Architect, Wind River
  • Jim Carver, Strategic Business Development Manager, Arm
  • Sharon Hagi, Chief Security Officer, Silicon Labs.

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About the IoT Device Security Conference

Now in its third year, the IoT Device Security Conference focuses on methodologies, tools, and best practices for securing connected devices in the industrial, automotive, and consumer electronics markets. The technical program is designed to educate developers, engineering managers, and executives alike on the dangers of reckless IoT development and how technologies like AI and machine learning and traditional embedded safety and security techniques can be used to overcome them.

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