Edge Impulse and Particle Team-Up For ML IoT

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 29, 2023


Edge Impulse and Particle Team-Up For ML IoT
Image Credit: Particle

San Jose, California. The Edge Impulse Studio platform now has native support for Particle's new Photon 2 board. The team-up of Edge Impulse and Particle powers edge AI with the integration of the Particle ecosystem into deployment of trained AI models to the Photon 2 board.  The collaboration is the first IoT Integration for Edge Impulse.

Raul Vergara, Edge Impulse's Executive Vice President of Growth, said, "By supporting the Particle Photon 2 board natively in our platform, we're giving developers the power to deploy sophisticated ML models directly to IoT devices, marking a significant milestone in edge technology."

The Photon 2  is equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi and BLE 5 connectivity, 2MB of Flash memory, 3MB RAM, and powered by a high-performing 200MHz Realtek MCU, making the Photon 2 versatile.

"Edge Impulse's pioneering work in AI and machine learning is at the very forefront of the industry, and the integration of their technology with our new Particle Photon 2 board will greatly accelerate the development of intelligent IoT applications. The union of AI and IoT is compelling and can bring about transformative changes in various industries," said Zach Supalla, CEO of Particle.

For more information, visit the integration overview.

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