Best in Show Nominee: AI EdgeLabs

March 10, 2023


Best in Show Nominee: AI EdgeLabs

AI EdgeLabs is a powerful and autonomous cybersecurity AI solution that helps organizations respond immediately to attacks and protect their Edge/IoT critical infrastructure from malware, ransomware, DDoS, and other threats. This next-generation XDR platform equips security teams with multi-layered detection and prevention software, advanced network visibility, and asset discovery combined with advanced firewalling and SOAR elements. AI EdgeLabs provides confidence, scalability, and a robust security posture for clients thanks to the platform’s comprehensive capabilities which include easy integration, automated incident remediation, in-depth visibility, data security, modular architecture, and a proprietary EdgeLabs sensor for network telemetry and threat prevention software.

With distinctive and strategic partnerships, AI EdgeLabs continues to cement its place in the marketplace as a leading cybersecurity solution provider serving Edge and IoT infrastructures for sound, robust, and reliable security. AI EdgeLabs is an innovative Edge-first threat detection and response engine, which sits directly on Edge computer or IoT gateways. AI EdgeLabs is optimized for performance, runtime cost, and edge security. With proven 99.8% accuracy, AI EdgeLabs provides security AI and automation, essential to defending an expanding Edge/IoT attack surface and responding to the massive increase in security events, which humans cannot keep up with.

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