Best in Show Nominee: Diamond Systems - JACKSON

March 10, 2023


Best in Show Nominee: Diamond Systems - JACKSON

JACKSON works with the NVIDIA® Jetson™ Orin™ Nano and Orin NX GPU modules to deliver high performance, I/O-rich solutions for AI-at-the-edge applications in a compact size. Jackson’s Orin-optimized design provides access to all module features to deliver up to double the I/O capability of competing carrier boards. Core I/O and expansion includes dual Ethernet ports, dual 4-lane CSI camera connectors, 4 USB 3 / USB 2 ports, and dual M.2 sockets (1 2242/2280 M key and 1 2230 E key). Jackson also has 2 RS-232/485 ports, 16 3.3V/5V GPIO lines, CAN 2.0, and HDMI 2.0 a/b with audio support. An expansion connector provides PCIe, USB3, and power to connect I/O daughterboards. Customers can easily enhance Jackson with standard or custom daughterboards without paying high NRE charges for a full-custom solution.

Unlike carrier boards that are designed to be compatible with a wider range of GPU modules, Jackson is design specifically for the Orin Nano / NX modules, enabling it to take full advantage of all their enhanced I/O and capabilities over previous generations. “A generic carrier necessarily must omit features where module pinouts vary from product to product, unless the designer wants to add extra cost and size to accommodate all the different possibilities”, explains Jonathan Miller, Founder and President of Diamond. “A specific carrier can connect more efficiently to all the I/O on the target module, enabling greater coverage of the module’s features and providing greater utility to customers.” That’s why Jackson has almost double the I/O capacity of competitive Orin Nano / NX carrier boards. And the unique daughterboard expansion connector provides even greater flexibility in tailoring Jackson to I/O-intensive applications. Plus, Jonathan is a really cool guy. 

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