FRAMOS offers its FSM:GO Catalogue of Optical Sensors and Lenses for AI and ML

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 23, 2024


Image Credit: FRAMOS

FRAMOS introduced FSM:GO, an innovative catalogue of optical sensor modules for AI and ML applications consisting of pre-selected sensors combined with specialized lenses for an out-of-box solution. Modules are delivered with a complete set of hardware components, software, ISP tuning, and full documentation to easily integrate within platforms including NVIDIA’s Jetson and NXP i.MX8MP.

André Brela, Product Manager, FRAMOS offered, “The journey to developing custom optical sensor modules is faced with complexities—from selecting the right sensor and lens to navigating compatibility issues and managing consistent product performance. These challenges often deter vision system developers and production engineers. Drawing from our deep-seated experience, we have embedded our customers’ fundamental requirements into FSM:GO – a practical, readily deployable solution.“ 

The initial offering will include the 2MP IMX662, 8MP IMX678, and 12MP IMX676, all leveraging Sony’s Starvis2 color image sensors and an abundance of lenses to choose from for applications including sports, security, conferencing cameras, drones, smart traffic systems, industrial automation, surveying, mapping, and logistics. Thanks to the FRAMOS PixelMate connector, connection choices include MicroCoax, FFC, and GMSL dependent on design needs.

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