Computex 2024 Best in Show Winners

June 03, 2024


Computex 2024 Best in Show Winners

All entries are judged using a 15-point rubric, that assesses design excellence, relative performance, and market impact/disruption. Judging is managed by the ECD Content Team.

AI & Machine Learning


The WMP2157 is a 21.5" Medical Premium Windows Touch Panel PC crafted for healthcare environments. It features a 16:9 true-flat PCAP touch display and is powered by an Intel Alder Lake processor, merging performance with a sleek design. The unit boasts aluminum die-casting housing, fanless operation, and an IP65-rating front panel for durability and hygiene. With diverse I/O ports, TPM and Intel vPro support, and an ultra-slim 49.9mm profile, it ensures easy installation and maintenance, making it an optimal solution for contemporary medical applications.

The WMP2157 deserves to win due to its outstanding combination of functionality, durability, and design tailored for medical settings. Its powerful performance, fanless and hygienic design, and robust build quality ensure reliability in demanding environments. The intuitive touch interface and versatile I/O ports enhance user convenience, while features like TPM and Intel vPro offer advanced security and manageability. The WMP2157’s innovative design, ease of maintenance, and superior industrial quality distinguish it as a leading solution in medical technology.

Computer Boards, Systems, Components & Peripherals

Wincomm - WTP-9H66-22W

Wincomm introduces a six-sided waterproof all-in-one-panel pc to operate between -20℃ to 60℃, featuring i-Cooling Smart Thermal Control for optimal CPU performance. BIOS adjustments manage core speed in heat, while a preheating circuit ensures reliable startup in cold. Components like the LCD, RAM, and SSD are selected for wide temperature compatibility, ensuring 24/7 operation. The WTP-9H66-22W series boasts an IP69K rating, a stainless steel enclosure and PCB type antenna, a heavy-duty cover, brightness control, and an optional waterproof speaker, meeting rigorous outdoor and semi-outdoor requirements.

The WTP-9H66-22W is a waterproof, fanless stainless steel panel PC in a 22-inch design for food and meat processing plants, featuring wide temperature and voltage operation with an IP66 waterproof rating. Compared to similar products, it leads in peripheral support, design, and IP rating. Powered by Intel's 12th Gen Alder Lake Core processors, it enhances performance by 74% with i-Control smart thermal technology, operating in -20 to 60°C. The system can be submerged up to 1 meter for an hour (IP68) and features M12 metal IO connectors and Cable Gland waterproof interfaces for streamlined factory integration.

Wincomm - WMP-22P-IP54/PIS

To prevent the spread of the pandemic, patients with mild symptoms or positive rapid tests can be diagnosed via remote video. Chronic or follow-up patients who frequently visit hospitals are at high risk of infection. The mobile medical workstation integrates patients' clinical electronic records, video cameras, health insurance or smart card scanners, and can power medical devices like handheld ECGs or ultrasounds. Certified for the latest medical standards, with an IP54 modular design and built-in battery, it replaces fixed workstations and supports real-time monitoring and mobile diagnosis during the pandemic. Featuring Intel's 13th-gen processor, AI capabilities, dual HDD for data backup, DDR5 memory, M.2 E wireless interface, and HDMI video input, it offers an efficient mobile medical solution with uninterrupted power, flexible usage, and optimized performance for hospital care.

The remote and mobile medical workstation is a highly integrated professional product that meets the needs of point-of-care and mobile medical trends, expanding market opportunities. 

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