ew 2024: Develop Your Edge Application on an AI-Native Platform

February 14, 2024


Attend this three-hour training session, and literally walk away with the latest hardware and software to serve as the foundation of your Edge AI application. Work with AI-native Edge-AI compute solutions and be among the first developers to use the Synaptics Reference Developer Kit, which offers you a chance to get ahead of the curve in a classroom environment. You’ll be trained on the tools that enable real-world AI capabilities to be deployed on your Edge AI application.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll understand that developing an application that’s infused with machine vision and AI does not have to be overly complex. The workshop will focus on Edge AI inference using SyNAP, a proven and secure neural network development and optimization framework that is foundational to Synaptics Astra™, the AI-native compute platform for the IoT.

Sponsored by Synaptics, each attendee will receive a Synaptics Reference Development Kit to keep, along with all the associated software, libraries and algorithms, and live hands-on training that’s required to implement an AI-infused design (total value of hardware and software is approximately $2000).

Cost to attend: $30US (approximately 27 Euros)

Tentative Workshop Agenda:

Introduction and Setup

      a. Workshop Goals

      b. SyNAP and the Astra Platform

Getting to know your hardware and software

       a. Embedded SW strategy (Linux, Android, RTOS)

       b. Synaptics Reference Development Kit (RDK)

Code Repos GitHub Overview (Linux, SyNAP)

Intro to SyNAP intro and selected AI use cases


Hands-on development time

        a. Pre-installed demos and AI models

        b. SyNAP activities

              i. Download, convert models

              ii. Use CLI to run model

              iii. Visualize results

Q&A, Next Steps


To register and find more infomation, visit LIVE AI Training at Embedded World.